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Bigger Crops from Raised Bed Planters

How do raised Bed Planters help with bigger crops?
The 'deep bed' method, developed in California and championed by the late self sufficiency guru, John Seymour*, involves digging deep beds of very loose soil. These beds, once dug, are then never walked on; the loose soil allows for a good downwards movement of water through the soil, rapid downwards movement of air through the soil and allows the roots to grow downwards instead of outwards; thereby creating bigger plants and importantly allowing closer planting. Increased yields of up to fourfold have been achieved through the deep bed method.

Burgon & Ball Willow Home Allotment® Planters give optimum crop- specific depth for maximum harvests and when filled with compost, replicate the conditions of the deep bed method, with the advantage of offering good availability of nutrients low down in the planter, through the use of compost.

In addition, growing above ground has the benefit of increasing the light reaching the plants and warmth penetrating to the roots.

The 5 A Day Garden has been shown with the Burgon &Ball Home Allotment® Willow Planters because they look lovely as well as helping to grow bumper harvests. You could use the Burgon & Ball Home Allotment Planting Bags - these are available in all the same sizes and offer a more economical way to create 10m2 of raised bed growing space. (Or of course you could always roll up your sleeves, pick up the spade and get deep digging!).

* see The New Self Sufficient Gardener, by John Seymour, available from RHS Wisley