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Keys to Success

A high yielding plan such as this places very heavy demands on the soil - in feeding so many plants from a relatively small area. It's absolutely vital that the soil is regularly fertilized and kept watered as the plants grow. Burgon & Ball produce 3 Organic Fertilisers - each designed to satisfy the needs of specific crops. Potato, Salad and Tomato & Vegetable. After each crop is harvested you can dig in some more compost and fertilize again before planting the next.

The dense canopy of leaves that forms with close cropping can restrict the amount of water reaching the roots and so you need to ensure that water is reaching the surface of the soil - using a watering can. The positive side is that same dense canopy will help prevent evaporation so once the plants are well established you may need to water a little less often..

Plant Specific Growing Information
The RHS website is a mine of information on how to plant and care for your precious crops - visit their website

Please note that the deep bed method allows for closer planting than traditional methods which explains the difference between the plant spacing recommendations you may find on the RHS website and elsewhere to that recommended in the 5-a-Day Garden.